It is CRUCIAL to understand the context of this Conflict:

Warning: this is NOT an Attempt to claim Israels socalled Right for owning the Country based upon the bible.

I am Convinced that The True evidence for Israels Land Rights comes mainly from History AFTER the 1900'S.


This is my understanding of the Conflict and I try to use Science and Evidence Based Reasoning.

I DO mention Zionism and the "Land Promises" to give you a Historic Context to the Conflict.

It might be that You might be offended or angered by the things you read here: So be it.

It is an attempt to be True to Reality.



Because this Conflict is so Complex, it might be:

There always may be some mistakes or outdated resources on this Website.

Please read all materials fully, with the desire to understand fully, to Verify:

Please Postpone the need to falsify the Resources untill after you have taken FULL knowledge and Contextual Understanding of ALL materials here for yourself....


Lets Start.

Read these 2 Wikipedia Articles fully...


Theodore Herzl: the Founder Of Zionism.





Zionism was the deep Desire (for almost two millennia) of the Jewish people to return to the place of their ForeFathers, then named Palestine.

Israel was persecuted out of their Homeland in 70 AD according to Secular History.

The Jews where driven out of 70 AD Palestine and became Scattered all over the world except for the America's.

This scattering is called "The Diasporah".


According to the Bible, Yeshua HaMessiach ( also known as Jesus Christ ) prophecied the Destruction of the Israeli Second temple by the Romans:

The Temple was a place of Worship for the Israelites. 

( its described in matthew chapter 23 and I will put a Pic below...)

Because the Bible is too controversial to discuss here,

I Will not use quotes out of it again, without Proper Context.

There is just too much Jibberish, baloney and Bullshit out there:


A short Secular History of the People Of Israel...:

From 70 AD to now:

Palestine ( Before Then called "Judea and Samaria " : ) was ( in 70 AD ) named after the Israelites' Enemies, the Philistines, and was occupied by the Romans in these days.

This was the work of the Roman Emperor Tiberius:



After the Romans it first came under Papal rule and after that,  under Muslim Rule.

The country was Desolate in these times.

Jerusalem was laid Waste and the Soil was a Swamp at some places and a Desert at other places.


After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1924...

( see the Last Paragraph down the History section of wikipedia Article on the Ottoman Empire: )



...the land now called Israel, Gaza, The West Bank and Jordan, became under British rule...;


By Then It was called; "Palestine and Trans-Jordan" or "Mandatory Palestine...".



Both The Jews and the Arabs wanted it...


This led to a Big Mistake from the British:

The British Empire promised the area called Palestine and Trans-Jordan to :

BOTH parties...!


The Israeli's where promised the Entire Trans-Jordan country...

And the Arabs Aswell!.

Israel got this Letter, known as the Balfour Declaration...


( historic Context...) :




The Arabs living in the TransJordan part called Jordan AND ( gaza and ) the West Bank got this promise in 1915...




A picture of the Sykes_Picot agreement territories is shown below...


The problem lies in the fact that both parties where promised the same pieces of LAND!

( The fight went especially about the Jordan part of the

British Mandate ).


The arguing started:

Both parties felt cheated AND entitled to the same area...


Because this obviously doesnt work, the UN interfered....:


So the UN Partitioning Plan came about.

It promised The Israelis the now known land of Israel,

( the area called Palestine after 70 AD...),

However: Without Gaza and the West Bank.

It promised the Arabs the area nowadays called Jordan and those 2 areas.


I will put some Pics up to give you a clear picture...


0: The Sykes_Picot territories.

Notice that Todays Israel isn't part of it...


Picture 0

Pic 1: English Mandatory Palestine before the separation into 2 areas: Palestine and Trans-Jordan...( today known as Israel and Jordan... with some different borders )

Pic 2: the Partition Plan that could satisfy both parties.

Sadly, the Arabs Refused...

Pic 3: The later Negotiated Partition Plan with which Israel Agreed, but the Arabs refused again...

Pic 4:

Israel as it is today, since the 1967 war...

Pic 5: An impression of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem until 70 AD...

Its location is near the Wailing Wall.

( Source of all pics is Google ).

Order the movie "Exodus" on Bol.com.

Its the one with Aari Ben Canaan about the Ship called  the "Exodus" and the founding of the 1948' Israel...